Bernardo Farah, Seattle WA, USA - [email protected] -


Leadership Skills
  • Setting team direction and strategy in partnership with product team
  • Working cross-functionally to achieve business objectives
  • Recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding developers and managers
  • Developing careers of engineers and managers
  • Guiding teams on architecture and product trade-offs
  • Driving improvements to policy and processes to keep team happy and productive
Technical Skills
  • Writing comprehensible, well-tested and scalable code
  • Designing and building maintainable and scalable systems that meet user needs
  • Managing priorities, deadlines and project trade-offs to deliver projects incrementally and on-time
  • Collaborating with UX/Design, QA, Marketing, Security, and other engineering orgs to deliver quality software
  • Write clear and concise documentation for design, systems, and processes


Samsara Engineering Manager
June 2018 — present
  • Grew Platform organization from 3 to 25 engineers + 2 EMs in 1.5 years. I led 4 teams with very different scopes (UX, Admin Experience, Maps, Billing & Operations). Responsible for people management, strategic planning, project management and cross-engineering partnership.
  • Started the company’s first international engineering office. Hired first 12 engineers and EM in 6 months in London, while delivering features necessary to enter EU market, resulting in 70% decrease in lost sales due to missing features.
  • Developed hiring plan and onboarding (and US off-boarding) strategy for a new Poland engineering office growing to 25 engineers over next year. Worked with peers to set funnel goals.
  • Led org-wide load-time performance initiative. Responsible for strategic planning, cross-functional collaboration, and program management. Decreased average site load time by 60% via a variety of targeted improvements (caching, pagination, internal SLA definition and enforcement).
  • Worked with engineering leaders to make improvements to interview evaluation and career ladder. Developed management and cross-team collaboration best practices that are actively used within engineering.
  • Conducted hundreds of interviews for engineers, EMs and PMs.
  • Led several projects with a high degree of uncertainty, eg:
    • Established benchmarks for reverse geocoding accuracy, and shipped improvements at scale at scale of 25K reqs/sec on critical path; achieved improvements from 75% to 90% in US, 25% to 75% in Europe.
    • Designed and implemented authorization framework that enabled Samsara to scale to a broad set of customers and use-cases including role definitions.
CoverHound Senior Engineering Manager
March 2017 — June 2018
  • Led Personal Lines and Cyber Policy products. (15 engineers, 2 managers). Responsibility for management, strategy and project delivery.
  • Created career ladder to guide engineering IC growth.
  • Worked with CEO and CTO to develop budget and strategy for engineering.
  • Ran engineering-wide retrospectives, lunch and learns and events to promote a healthy culture.
CoverHound Tech Lead
November 2016 — March 2017
  • Designed and led development for a new insurance portal in 3 months.
  • Designed and led development of various integrations with insurance providers.
  • Conducted interviews and helped codify interview best practices.
Walmart Tech Lead
January 2015 — June 2016
  • Scoped, developed and maintained an internal tools suite used by over 100 people across multiple departments saved over $1.7MM.
  • Developed and operated a horizontally scaled image processing platform that processed >1MM images per day.
  • Drove TDD for the team, and built monitoring tools to ensure 99.99% uptime.


Regent's University BA Global Marketing Management

London, United Kingdom


Languages: Ruby, Go, Javascript, Typescript, Python, PHP and SQL

Storage: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and DynamoDB

Systems: AWS and Azure


Photography, Soccer, Video Games, Cocktails and being a dad