Bernardo Farah, San Francisco, CA, USA
+1 (415) 652-6388[email protected]


I am a developer, a mentor and a manager with technical experience building web applications. I like working at companies that are young in spirit and constantly pushing themselves to be better. I enjoy opportunities to drive improvement in an engaged work environment.



Ruby, Javascript, HTML & CSS, SASS/LESS/Stylus, Go, and SQL


Rails, Hanami, Ember, and React


Test Driven Development, Agile Development, and Continuous Integration


Docker, Ansible, and OneOps


Samsara Engineering Manager
January 2019 — present
  • Managing two teams (Product Infrastructure, Platform UX)
  • Coaching and mentoring direct reports, helping them achieve career goals
Samsara Product Infrastructure Engineer
June 2018 — January 2019
  • Worked on internal frameworks with charter of making it fast and easy to develop new features
  • Implemented a requirement gathering process, along with other team processes to ensure we focused on the right things.
CoverHound Director of Engineering
January 2018 — June 2018
  • Managed two partner-driven teams (with tech leads respectively) and seven engineers directly.
  • Hired for, mentored and supported those teams. Worked with product to manage scope for them.
  • Included responsibilities from Engineering Manager role.
CoverHound Engineering Manager
March 2017 — January 2018
  • Coached and mentored direct reports, helping them improve as engineers and focused on how best to achieve their goals
  • Scaled up the engineering team to meet product workforce demand while retaining culture of autonomy and freedom
  • Collaborated with the team to improve coding practices in order to reduce maintenance burden and manage risk for deployment
CoverHound Lead Software Engineer
November 2016 — March 2017
  • Led a team of engineers in creating a full fledged insurance website MVP (including customer and servicing/sales portals) in the span of 3 months
  • Created best practices and reusable paradigms for the team, following a service-oriented design
  • Actively contributed to hiring through participation in interviews as well as the creation and improvement of interview practices
CoverHound Software Engineer
June 2016 — November 2016
  • Architected and wrote software services responsible for communicating with third-party APIs
  • Extracted reusable code into libraries (published on Software Developer
February 2016 — June 2016
  • Drove test driven development with Mocha, unified code standards using ESLint and streamlined deployment with OneOps and Capistrano
  • Built a monitoring system using React, Sinatra, Elasticsearch and Logstash for core systems. Tools & Process Developer
January 2015 — February 2016
  • Proactively scoped, developed and maintained a Rails tool-suite used by over 100 people across multiple departments that resulted in a yearly value savings of over $1.7MM
  • Built an image derivative generator using ImageMagick and Ruby that supports front-end product imagery across and has created over 50MM images to date


Regent's University BA Global Marketing Management

London, United Kingdom